Insuring Your Motocross Club

A motorsport club not only provides members with an area to connect with other riding enthusiasts, but it can also supply them with land to practice riding. While motocross clubs are enjoyable and entertaining for members, it does provide a unique environment for everyone involved. There are several reasons why you should take the time to speak with a professional insurance broker and find a policy that fits your club’s needs.

●        Leased or Owned Land | As a club promoter, you may find yourself providing land for club members to privately ride on. Offering this benefit to members requires you to adhere to certain insurance conditions. Whether your club owns or leases the land you provide your members, you will require a specific type of insurance coverage. At Jones Birdsong, we’ll help you find coverage that will allow you to safely and legitimately offer this benefit to club members.

●        Property Damage | If your club provides an area for members to use, you should also keep in mind the possibility of property damage. Providing a space for members to enjoy their Motorcross activities presents an opportunity for unexpected damage to facilities and other pieces of property. Prepare your property for club activity by taking the time to find the right insurance.

●        Legal Liability | Finding the right insurance can prepare your club for any unexpected situations and issues that can occur. The brokers at Jones Birdsong can help you find coverage capable of preparing your club for various injuries and liabilities concerning members.

In order to supply members with the best motorsport club experience possible, you should take the time to find the best insurance available. From coverage for leased land to coverage for property damage, finding an insurance plan for your club is an important and necessary step to take before opening enrollment.


Club Types

There are several different types of riding clubs you can provide your community with. Finding the best insurance for each club type is critical to its success. Our team of professional insurance brokers can help you determine the best insurance policy for your riding club. From motorcycle clubs to ATV clubs, we’ll assist you in finding the coverage you need.

●        Motorcycle Clubs | Motorcycle clubs can provide members with a secure space to meet with other motorcycle enthusiasts. Additionally, your club can allow motorcyclists to have an area where they can practice riding their bikes. Before you announce your club and open registration, however, you should ensure you have the best coverage possible lined up in case of accidents and unexpected situations.

●        Dirt Bike Clubs | Similar to motorcycle clubs, fans of dirt bike riding can fill their need for speed through a dirt bike club membership. Despite its fun and exciting nature, dirt bike clubs can create a high-risk environment for both members and your property. Make sure you’re prepared to take on any unforeseen liabilities by arranging the best insurance coverage possible.

●        UTV and ATV Riding Clubs | A UTV and ATV riding club can bring together many people with a common interest. Motocross enthusiasts of all ages can enjoy a community of alikeness and fellowship through the membership of a UTV and ATV riding club. Because operating UTVs and ATVs can be dangerous, it is important to find the best insurance policy to protect the area and members involved with the club.

Understanding the vision you have for your club can help you pick the insurance policy that meets your needs. Whether your club provides an excellent environment for beginners to learn more about dirt bikes and riding techniques, or your club targets expert riders with years of experience, our professional team of insurance brokers can help you find the coverage your club needs. Contact us today to get started on finding the insurance coverage that’s right for you.

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Providing a riding club can bring Motorcross enthusiasts together while supplying an opportunity to learn more about an exciting activity. From basic insurance requirements to insurance coverage for club-hosted events, finding a policy for your club is extremely important. At Jones Birdsong, we want to help you feel confident in your club’s coverage. We provide 24-hour claim service and quick quotes so you can start planning your motocross club. For high-quality insurance policies at an affordable price, contact Jones Birdsong today. Our team of expert brokers are ready to assist you every step of the way!