Motorsports Casualty Insurance

Jones Birdsong offers comprehensive motorsports casualty insurance for racing facilities, racing teams, and racing associations. We help clients acquire insurance for all types of racing events. We work on your behalf to find the most affordable insurance with the best rates for your entity. To get a quick quote from one of our insurance brokers, call us today at 952-521-4526.

Our Casualty Risk Management Strategy

Liability and Workers’ Compensation risks differ greatly from company to company. Therefore, we try to pinpoint your specific needs and fine-tune the right coverage for you. Determining the appropriate casualty risk management strategy requires an in-depth understanding of your operations and facilities, as well as an appreciation for your business and financial objectives.

Insurance Coverage That Mitigates Your Cost of Risk

Our Casualty professionals’ level of expertise, knowledge, and tenure has helped facility owners and promoters across the industry. We combine unparalleled expertise with a first class service approach to address our customers’ casualty risk management needs. Utilization of cost-effective financial structures, ranging from guaranteed cost to self-insurance, combined with innovative coverage designs help you efficiently manage and reduce your overall cost of risk. Our long-standing working relationships with top underwriting companies allow us to negotiate the most effective cost, terms, and conditions.

How Our Distinguished Insurance Services Benefit You

As a motorsport insurance brokerage, we represent you, the client—not the insurance company. Therefore, we are always trying to find ways to reduce your costs while getting you the best coverage. When you partner with Jones Birdsong, here’s what you can expect:

  • Quick Quotes: We gather basic information and use our network of providers to get you a quick quote so you don’t have to wait. All quotes depend on your particular situation and the type of events you host or participate in and will require a formal submission to the underwriter in order to confirm terms.
  • Certificates on Demand: When you need an insurance certificate right away, you don’t have to wait. Jones Birdsong can produce and deliver a certificate for you on demand.
  • Flexible Payment Plans: Every business is different. Therefore, we provide flexible payment plans that work for you. Tell us how you want to pay and we will try to accommodate you.
  • On-Site Loss Control: We develop an organized and continuous effort to prevent and reduce your losses. We accomplish this through risk analysis and implementation of loss control measures.
  • Endorsements: We can also help you with waiver release policies and procedures, as well as participant liability and other coverage enhancements you require and expect.

Our Motorsport Insurance Brokers Understand Your Industry

We take a hands-on approach to marketing insurance, actively engaging underwriters to educate them about your business. This helps to ensure not only that you receive superior casualty insurance products that meet your needs, but that you also gain a steadfast partner who understands your business. Our team of casualty experts brings the highest level of professionalism and straightforward recommendations advising on casualty products that deliver added protection and value.

Contact Us for Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

Your insurance coverage is as important as your racing event. Jones Birdsong provides complete, well-rounded insurance plans for all your motorsports needs. To get a quick quote from one of our experts, contacts us at 952-521-4526, or you can message us at