Our Partners

In keeping with our Guiding Principles we strive to provide our clients with world class service in all aspects of risk and insurance. We believe our clients deserve the best team and that every formidable team is typified by players who contribute specialized expertise and talents. In order to gain the maximum advantage of strength and competencies, we utilize outside partners who are leaders in their own fields to further support and enhance the knowledge base and success of our professionals.

As we work with individual clients to develop customized solutions, we often encounter challenges that can best be addressed by engaging the services of one of our partner organizations. We don’t believe that any one organization can be the best provider or all of the complex service components associated with world class solutions to risk related challenges. For this reason we have chosen to utilize a partnership strategy.

Our partners work closely with us to offer assistance to our clients in a variety of areas including:

  • Local insurance requirements outside the United States
  • Wholesale insurance placement
  • Captive insurance company management
  • Actuarial analysis
  • Business continuity planning
  • Legal consultation

We appreciate that our clients may already have long standing relationships that they wish to maintain, and we are proud of the fact that we have the flexibility to work with any partner that shares our principles. To find out more about our partnerships or about how we can ensure your motorsports entity, call us at 952-467-6111, or you can message us at