Motorsports present a variety of opportunities to provide the community with fun and excitement. There are several different types of motorsport-related events you can host. However, whether you’re hosting a high-action drag racing event, or you’re simply bringing an annual car and truck show to town, it’s important to find the best coverage possible.


Getting the proper insurance coverage can help you prepare for any potential damage and injuries associated with motorsport events. There are several motorsport events you will need to consider getting insurance coverage for.


At Jones Birdsong, we provide you with a team of expert insurance brokers capable of finding you the best insurance coverage for your event. If you’re hosting one of the following events, give our team a call at 952-467-6115.

Motorsport Events That Require Insurance Coverage

●        Truck and Tractor Pulls

A truck and tractor pull event can bring a lot of excitement to town for motorsport enthusiasts, children, and families. However, because a truck and tractor pull requires large pieces of equipment and machinery, maximizing the safety of employees is critical. Additionally, truck and tractor pull events also bring in a number of spectators, which can also leave your property and facilities at risk of damage. Jones Birdsong can help you find the best coverage for your truck and tractor pull.


●        Drag Race Events

From spectator control to venue and track protection, there are several reasons why you should have top-notch insurance coverage for your drag race event. Drag race events are an excellent opportunity to provide your town or city with some entertainment, however, you should ensure you are fully prepared to host your event by meeting with an experienced insurance broker about your insurance coverage options.


●        Off-Road Races

Finding insurance coverage for your off-road racing events can help you maximize the safety of your property and competitors. Because motorsport events are generally high-risk, it is important to cover all of your bases with a proper insurance plan. To learn more about your options for your next off-road race, contact Jones Birdsong today.


●        Car and Bike Shows

Car and bike shows can bring a high volume of enthusiasts and visitors to your event. In some cases, visitors from out of town will make the journey just to get a part of the action. Because of this high volume of activity and excitement, you will need an insurance plan that covers your property and facilities. You will also need to find coverage that manages your event’s spectators.


The team at Jones Birdsong can help you find a plan that meets all of your needs and requirements. We can help you maximize the success of your next car and bike show.


Every motorsport event requires specific attention and consideration. Because each event is unique in its insurance requirements, you will want to ensure you are considering every option. At Jones Birdsong, our team of brokers is experienced with motorsport insurance. We can take the time to understand exactly what your event requires and the best way we can help you maximize its success.

Types of Insurance to Consider for Your Next Event

If you’re hosting a motorsport event, there are several types of insurance to consider. Fortunately, our team of experienced brokers can help you find a package that covers every aspect of your event.


●        Liability

With an action-packed event such as races and tractor pulls, there can be a high risk of injury. A thorough liability insurance plan can help you take control of losses associated with spectators and competitors.


●        Worker’s Compensation

In order for your event to run as smoothly as possible, you may need a reliable team of employees. However, because your employees will be in close proximity to large machinery and vehicles, your team’s safety can be put at risk. At Jones Birdsong, we can help you find a package that covers any unforeseen situations involving your employees and volunteers.


●        Property Coverage

When a lot of spectators and visitors arrive at your venue to watch the action, you will want a package that includes insurance coverage for your property. Our brokers work for the client, rather than a specific insurance company, so we work hard to find you the coverage your event requires. Depending on your event’s situation, we will find you a package capable of protecting your property of any damage.


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