Hare scramble races present a high level of risk due to the nature of the off-road competition. Competitors complete a race over rugged terrain in environments like wooded areas, deserts, foothills, or fields. Riders must be in excellent shape to endure the grueling race for long periods (typically two hours or more). As such, facility owners and promoters should consider taking out motorsport liability insurance.


What Does Motorsport Liability Insurance Cover?


Insurance for hare scramble events typically covers -bodily injury and property damage claims

from you participants and spectators.


Liability Insurance

Liability insurance protects any business or individual from incurring a sizable expense from

defending and settling a claim. This insurance has two major components:


●        Duty to Defend — This is a term used to describe an insurer’s obligation to provide an insured with defense to claims made under a liability insurance policy. As a general rule, an insured need only establish that there is potential for coverage under a policy to give rise to the insurer’s duty to defend. Therefore, the duty to defend may exist even where coverage is in doubt and ultimately does not apply. Implicit in this rule is the principle that an insurer’s duty to defend an insured is broader than its duty to indemnify.{1} This is an extremely important component as the cost to defend an organization can be extremely expensive. The policy will on your behalf provide and pay for defense counsel.


●        Pay Covered Claims on Behalf of the Insured - The insurer will pay all sums that the insured is legally obligated to pay as damages because of property damage and bodily injury resulting from an occurrence. ... WE WILL PAY THOSE SUMS THAT THE INSURED BECOMES LEGALLY OBLIGATED TO PAY AS DAMAGES.[2]

Accident Insurance

One way to mitigate bodily injury claims is to provide your participants with accident insurance.

This coverage is excess of any other insurance the injured person may have but will provide

accident medical coverage, a life benefit and dismemberment benefit.


Is Liability Insurance Mandatory?

Some states have minimum insurance requirements for property owners. Mandatory insurance requirements vary with each state depending on the domicile. Since hare scrambles are usually held on public and private land, most land owners require liability coverage and will demand to be added as an additional insured.

What to Consider When Purchasing Hare Scramble Insurance

With risk in mind, there are several items you should consider before purchasing insurance for your company or a special event such as:


●        Your exact coverage needs in all areas of your profession or organization

●        What you can afford to pay out of pocket in worst-case scenarios

●        Your state’s minimum requirements and other regulations

●        The landowner’s insurance requirements

●        The reliability and reputation of the insurance provider

●        The details and conditions of the policy when you file a claim

Get Insurance for Your Hare Scramble Today

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