If you own a motorsports complex or promote an off-road ride event, it’s crucial for you to carry off-road ride insurance. Without off-road ride insurance, you may be exposed to bodily injury and/or property damage claims from spectators and or participants.


Most off-road ride events include camping, pre-event date course set up and post-event tear-down. Our underwriters provide day-before and day-after coverage for set up camping and tear down. Let’s take a closer look at what you need to know about off-road ride insurance.

Why Do You Need Off-Road Ride Insurance?

Most Off-road ride events are held on land owned by governmental entities or third-party landowners. All will require evidence of liability coverage and most will require they be added as additional insureds.


As the promoter or facility owner, you will be held responsible for providing a safe and secure event environment. This can be as simple as making sure the event site is properly secured; there are no trip and fall hazards; the pit area is properly segregated, and the course is designed to insure a safe riding experience. There are many underwriters who will issue a policy that EXCLUDES participant claims (Participant Legal Liability). 

What Does Off-Road Ride Insurance Cover?

This insurance has two major components.


  • Duty To Defend -  a term used to describe an insurer's obligation to provide an insured with defense to claims made under a liability insurance policy. As a general rule, an [1] insured need only establish that there is potential for coverage under a policy to give rise to the insurer's duty to defend. Therefore, the duty to defend may exist even where coverage is in doubt and ultimately does not apply. Implicit in this rule is the principle that an insurer's duty to defend an insured is broader than its duty to indemnify.[2] This is an extremely important component as the cost to defend an organization can be extremely expensive. The policy will on your behalf provide and pay for defense counsel.


  • Pay Covered Claims on Behalf of the Insured - The insurer will pay all sums that the insured is legally obligated to pay as damages because of property damage and bodily injury resulting from an occurrence. WE WILL PAY THOSE SUMS THAT THE INSURED BECOMES LEGALLY OBLIGATED TO PAY AS DAMAGES.[3]

Types of Insured Off-Road Vehicles

Off-road vehicle is a broad term for vehicles that operate off a main or paved road. Off-road vehicles typically include:


  • ATV (All-terrain vehicle)
  • UTV (Utility task vehicle or side-by-side)
  • Dirt bike
  • Dune buggy
  • 4-wheel drive truck
  • SUV (sports utility vehicle)

What to Consider When Purchasing a Motorsport Insurance Policy

Does it cover all of my exposures?

Is the Mobile equipment exclusion amended to remove the exclusion for “The use of "mobile equipment" in, or while in practice for, or while being prepared for, any prearranged racing, speed, demolition or stunting activity.


Does your policy extend protection to your participants and sponsors including

  • Racing vehicle owners, Racing vehicle drivers, and Racing vehicle crew members
  • Persons or Organizations (Other than Drivers, Crew Members, Racing Vehicle Owners, Sponsors, Volunteers, or Managers or Lessors of Premises) if required by contract
  • Any Person or Organization Sponsoring your activities or events
  • Any Person or Organization Sponsoring Racing Vehicles or Sponsoring Racing Vehicle Drivers


Does your policy provide an endorsement to cover EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIANS – INCIDENTAL LIABILITY COVERAGE?




Does your policy provide Participant Legal Liability coverage for the following:

  • “Participant” means any person while trying out, practicing or rehearsing for, or participating in any sport or  athletic  contest  or  exhibition,  including  any  person  permitted  to  enter  any “restricted  area”  of competition while occupied by competitors.
  • “Restricted area” means any area where access by the general public is prohibited.


Does your policy amend the “auto” exclusion to include coverage for autos used at your event?

  • "Bodily injury" or "property damage" arising out of the operation of any "auto" but only while such "auto" is competing, practicing for, participating in, being exhibited on, or demonstrated at a motorsports event on premises owned or occupied by, or rented or loaned to, you.

Comprehensive Motorsports Coverage

If you are looking for motorsports insurance for your racing team or racing facility, contact Jones Birdsong. We provide additional options for insurance plans suited to meet all of your business needs. To get a no-obligation quote, contact us today at 952-467-6111, or message us at ballen@jonesbirdsong.com.


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