Protecting your motorsport team or company’s financial assets should always be a top priority. As you consider purchasing motorsports insurance, you should ask yourself some key questions to make sure you get the right insurance to protect your investments. Jones Birdsong  specializes in motorsports insurance including casualty, property, executive liability, and professional liability insurance for all racing entities and organizations. We can help you navigate through these three questions to help you find the right insurance:


Question 1: One Type of Insurance Do I Need?

The most important question you will ask yourself is what type of insurance best suits your company’s needs. Essentially, you’ll need coverage for either property damage or injuries or both. From there, however you may need additional coverage such as:


●        Casualty: Casualty insurance can cover loss of property, damage, or other areas where liability is high. It can also cover your vehicles from theft. It covers several areas of your business.

●        Property: Property insurance covers several facets of your racetrack, racing equipment, or vehicles. You may need to purchase a combination of casualty and property for full coverage.

●        Surety: The greatest benefit of surety insurance is that it gives you peace of mind in knowing that you will be able to recover from financial loss due to property damage or injuries from workers or competitors.

●        Executive Liability: If you want to protect your executive-level employees, owners, board members, or management, we recommend taking out executive liability insurance. You never know when an executive decision can have financial consequences.

●        Professional Liability: Motorsports encompasses a wide range of risks for both drivers and facility owners. Thus, all participants must carry some type of professional liability insurance to protect themselves and those they work or compete against every day.


Question 2: How Much Insurance Should I Carry?

How much coverage you have largely depends on the value of your combined assets. When you sit down with a Jones Birdsong insurance broker, we can help you develop a criteria for coverage. Some business items you may want to consider include:


●        The total value of your land and facilities

●        Equipment and inventory

●        All personnel from entry-level employees to top executives

●        All motorsports racing events including those sanctioned by associations (AMA, IMCA, etc.)

●        All racing vehicles

●        The minimum amount required by your state’s laws and regulations


Question 3: Should I Use a Motorsports Insurance Broker or an Insurance Agent?

Although insurance agents can provide you with the type of insurance you need, you may discover there are distinct advantages to choosing a brokerage over a traditional agency. The greatest advantage is that brokers work for you, the client, and do not represent the insurance companies. Thus, our brokers are always looking out for your financial interests and are looking for ways to get you the best coverage at the lowest rates.


A brokerage can offer personalized service, faster quotes and claims, and provide on-demand documentation when you need it. Jones Birdsong insurance specialists can also help you minimize damage loss while mitigating risk in all areas of your business. Finally, we also offer flexibility so you can choose from numerous companies and insurance plans instead of being limited by one company.


Comprehensive Motorsports Insurance Coverage Nationwide

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