While hosting a motorsport event is a rewarding experience, there are several pressing responsibilities to endure. Hosting a motorsport event brings the community together while providing a family-friendly environment that promotes activity and excitement. Similar to any event, however, taking the necessary steps to prepare for the event is extremely important. Here are several tips to hosting a safe and successful event.


Be Organized | While it may seem like a no-brainer, thoroughly planning your event can save you from a lot of unexpected issues. You should have a fairly strict schedule and timeline in mind for each race and activity. Keeping to a schedule and anticipating every step will help you stay on track and stay aware of all the ongoings of your event.


Get Insured | Because motorsport activities are high-risk, you should make sure your event is insured with the coverage you need. The right kind of insurance can ensure your event is covered for various liabilities and injuries. Our team of professional insurance brokers at Jones Birdsong can help you find the insurance coverage you require to make your event a success.


Form A Reliable Team | Having a dependable team of volunteers or employees is critical to the success of your event. You should take the time to assign each team member to a specific role and responsibility to ensure the event runs as smoothly as possible. With a good team backing you up, your event will supply visitors with an enjoyable and satisfying experience.


Market Your Event | One of the best parts about hosting a motorsport event is knowing the exact group of people you need to reach out to. Utilize tools such as Facebook and other social media accounts to find the motorsport community. Set out flyers at local dirt bike shops and other locations where potentially interested attendees might be. With this in mind, however, don’t forget you also have the opportunity to encourage newcomers to the world of motorsport. Your event should also be an environment for the entire community to come together and watch an exciting collection of activities and races.


Learn From Past Events | Every Motorcross event you host should be better than the last. If you hosted an event in the year previous, you should make any necessary changes to ensure your event is satisfying to visitors and participants. If you need assistance with finding an insurance plan that will work better with your event this year, contact Jones Birdsong today. Our team of insurance brokers are happy to assist you in preparing for your event.


Emphasize Communication | Hosting a successful motorsport event is no small task. Maximize your communication with your team and attendants to ensure everyone is aware of any change in plans or unforeseen situations. If rain is threatening to postpone activities, make an announcement and spread the word so there is minimal disappointment and inconvenience.


Prepare For Spectators | While riders and competitors may be the stars of the show, you should remember to prepare for a high number of spectators in the area. Finding the best insurance coverage is one of the best ways to prepare for spectators and any unforeseen injuries. Additionally, you should have an organized layout to handle the high volume of spectators. Clearly marking restrooms, concessions, lines, and viewing stands can help minimize any unwanted issues.


Organize Any Leased Land | Not everyone has the perfect land set up and ready for some motorsport action, which is why you should organize any leasing and renting well before announcing any event dates. With leased land, you may be required to meet specific types of insurance coverage, so be sure to take time and get all responsibilities squared away well before the event. At Jones Birdsong, we can help you find the insurance you need for your land and property. Contact us today to speak with a professional.


Prepare For Property And Track Maintenance | Motosport activities are notorious for throwing up some mud and dirt. Be prepared to maintain your venue’s tracks and property throughout the event. Assigning volunteers and experienced employees to these areas can help your event stay on top of scheduled races and activities.


Organization, teamwork, and thorough planning are all important components of a successful event. Taking time to anticipate each moment of your event can help you prepare and arrange a fun, family-friendly motorsport event. For assistance in finding the best insurance coverage for your next event, contact Jones Birdsong today. Our team of experienced brokers is happy to help you find the insurance coverage you need.